Chicago Police Infiltrate NATO Protestors and Plant Evidence

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Police departments in big cities are increasingly corrupt as Paul Craig Roberts points out this week. Police forces are being populated by macho individuals with a thuggish mentality. Worse, Police chiefs in large cities like Chicago increasing look and talk like Mafioso chiefs—running a protection racket backed up by compliant judges.

“In the US the police have proven themselves to be a greater threat to public safety than private sector criminals. I just googled ‘police brutality’ and up came 183,000,000 results. (Here are two recent brutal assaults, one deadly, by police on hapless individuals:


“These are not isolated instances and it is happening in about 80% of police departments around the country. A more comprehensive source of stories about the growing trend of militarized cops and corrupt judges who protect them is Will Grigg, Jr’s blog

“It appears that the Chicago police are imitating the feds in planting evidence as they infiltrated protestors and arrested them for the ‘Molotov cocktail’ plot, claiming the men planned to target Barack Obama’s election headquarters. The Guardian says lawyers for the men claim evidence was planted:

“Lawyers for three protesters arrested on terrorist-related charges ahead of the Nato summit have accused police of entrapping them and encouraging an alleged bomb-making effort. Supporters of the three men disputed the charges, saying the men had come to protest at the Nato summit peacefully and that the police had confused beer-making equipment with explosives.

“A lawyer for the three, Michael Deutsch, said undercover police officers had entrapped them by infiltrating the group and encouraging the bomb-making effort [It is that encouragement that should never happen—showing police intent to incite illegal acts]. The Cook County state attorney’s office said the three men had other weapons including a mortar, knives and a hunting bow [which the defense says were brought by police and planted].

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