Demonizing WW2 Japan is Hypocritical

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Abe001.jpgA defense of Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine (left)  

When Americans are blind to their own leaders’ war crimes, it’s typical of the Illuminati media to fixate on Japan’s. Perhaps it’s time to dismantle misrepresentations of World War II Japan.


In WW2, Japan was not targeted because she wanted to “conquer the world,” but because her military stood in the way of Communism, and her nationalism in the way of world government.


by James Perloff



Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe‘s 30-minute visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japan’s war dead, Dec. 26 sparked widespread denunciations, including an admonition from the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. The visit, it was alleged, means Japan is reviving “militarism,” especially since, among the millions of souls the shrine honors, are those of a handful of “war criminals” like Hideki Tojo, Japan’s prime minister during much of World War II.

Perhaps it is time to dismantle misrepresentations of World War II Japan.

As documented here, President Franklin D. Roosevelt not only provoked Japan to war through economic strangulation, but had full foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack via decoded intercepts and personal warnings – information he denied to our military commanders in Hawaii, whom he thereafter scapegoated for the attack.

• To get a feel for how Americans were being propagandized, watch on YouTube Our Enemy: the Japanese, in which narrator Joseph Grew (CFR) told the public the Japanese believe it is the “the right and duty of Japan’s emperors to rule the whole world … to destroy all peoples and nations which stand in the way of its fulfillment …. Their actual dream is to see Tokyo established as the capital of the world …world conquest is their national obsession.” Grew forgot to mention that Japan was a closed ISOLATIONIST country until Commodore Perry compelled them to sign a trade agreement under threat of naval bombardment.

• World War II depictions of Japan condemned “fascist aggression” while tolerating COMMUNIST aggression. For example, when the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Yet when the Soviet Union invaded Poland that same month, the West … yawned. Indeed, when the war ended in 1945, Poland – whose national sovereignty was the alleged issue over which the horrific war began – lost her sovereignty anyway, to a Stalinist regime held in power by Soviet tanks, but the Allies’ media looked away.

• Asia was a parallel. The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in the 1930’s was part of the “Japanese plot to conquer the world,” but the fact that the Soviets had FIRST seized Outer Mongolia and China’s northwestern province of Sinkiang drew no notice. As Dr. Anthony Kubek wrote in HOW



“It was apparent to Japanese statesmen that unless bastions of defense were built in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia, Communism would spread through all of North China and seriously threaten the security of Japan…. But the Department of State seemed not to regard Japan as a bulwark against Soviet expansion in North China. As a matter of fact, not one word of protest was sent by the Department of State to the Soviet Union, despite her absorption of Sinkiang and Outer Mongolia, while at the same time Japan was censured for stationing troops in China.”

tankcrew.jpgLeft: Japanese tank crew rests during 1939 fighting against the Soviets near Mongolia

• To those who might contend Japan had no right to enter China to oppose Communism, let’s remember that the United States sent its troops to Vietnam on the same principle. By what logic, then, could Japan not oppose Communism on its doorstep? Communism had methodically enslaved all the nations in the Soviet Union, and was now boring southward into China. In sending troops to Manchuria, Japan was merely invoking her own version of the Monroe Doctrine.

• Although Chiang Kai-shek – heir apparent to Sun Yat-sen in a quest for a unified Chinese republic – received U.S. support during the war against Japan, this support vanished as soon as Japan surrendered, and the CFR-dominated State Department, via numerous intrigues, backed Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Party, which murdered millions after assuming power in 1949. See this author’s article China Betrayed.

• North Korea also became Communist as a result of CFR diplomacy. In 1944, Foreign Affairs – flagship journal of the Council on Foreign Relations – proposed placing Korea under a trusteeship including Russia. Stalin maintained a nonaggression pact with Japan during the war, but at the “Big Three” conferences at Teheran and Yalta, President Roosevelt asked Stalin if he would break the pact and enter the Pacific war.

Stalin agreed – on condition that America supply him with all the materiel his Far Eastern army would need for the expedition. Roosevelt agreed, and some 600 shiploads of Lend-Lease were sent to Russia for the purpose of fighting Japan. Stalin did not send his army into the Far East until five days before the war ended; Japan, already struck by the atomic bomb, was ready to surrender. As a reward for being “co-victor” of the Pacific War he did nothing to win, Stalin was ceded control of North Korea – resulting in one of the most brutal dictatorships in history, and the Korean War during which over 50,000 GIs and over one million Koreans died.

babysquawling.jpg• Staged atrocity photos such as the “Shanghai baby” were used to inflame U.S. public opinion against Japan.

For an alternative view of the “Nanking Massacre,” used to further outrage Americans, I suggest readers consult this article by Japanese Christian pastor Arimasa Kubo. It is absolutely NOT my intention to deny that atrocities occurred under Japanese occupation, but rather to balance the partisan propaganda that still dominates American mentality after seven decades. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, I watched a screening of The Seven Samurai. I was shocked by the film’s sensitivity, because I had been raised on World War II flicks that stereotyped all Japanese as inhuman monsters.

• Lest anyone think me alone among American authors in this reassessment of wartime Japan, consult the writings of Kubek (aforementioned), George Bronson Rea (THE CASE FOR MANCHUKUO), and Ralph Townsend (numerous works). We dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese even after they sued for peace on unconditional terms (save one – to retain their emperor, a condition we accepted anyway). Where does that go on the scale of war crimes? Japan was not targeted because she wanted to “conquer the world,” but because her military stood in the way of Communism, and her nationalism in the way of world government.

Shinzo Abe is to be commended for courageously upholding his country’s traditions at a time when the globalist elite want nationalism eradicated, to make way for world government and the satanic tyranny it would inevitably inflict.


James Perloff has authored several books, including Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, published in both Kindle and paperbound editions. It discusses many suppressed stories of American and world history.

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