22 Debate Suggestions for Donald Trump

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Sam Bushman

22 Debate Suggestions for Donald Trump
By: Sam Bushman, Liberty RoundTable
October 1, 2016

1.    Over all, focus on law and order.

2.    When you get rigged questions call them “clown questions”. For example, “That’s a clown question.” Simply side step rigged, bogus questions, and clearly state that you will not engage in the blame game and will not speak of your opponent in negative terms.

3.    Do not, I repeat DO NOT interrupt her.

4.    Never directly speak to Hillary and never use her former titles. She doesn’t deserve a direct response. Instead, say “my opponent” or “Clinton” as if she is not even present.

5.    Only speak directly to her when politely complementing her from time to time.

6.    Refer to Clinton’s husband as “Billy”, not the past president; no official titles, if you will.

7.    Blur the line between “current failed policies” and “Clinton’s proposals” while redirecting focus back to items of policy and your own campaign issues. Change issue directions and make statements that “Crooked Hillary” will not be prepared to respond to.

8.    Mingle rapid-fire facts into the debate that she simply will not be prepared to respond to.

9.    Launch new initiatives on the spot – taking her by surprise. Example: “I will serve as your President without pay. Leave the money in the treasury. I will lead responsible financial reform by example.”

10.    Highlight the contrast between you and Clinton using simple, memorable phrases.

  • I claim we will make America great again; hopeless Hillary remains an unbeliever
  • I am pro-life; she is pro-death
  •   I will decrease taxes; she will increase them
  •   I will stop Illegal immigration; she will promote it
  •   She will promote illegal activity; I am your law and order candidate
  •   I am for states’ rights; she wants federal control
  •   I stand for gun rights; she will destroy them
  •   I am a successful businessman; she is not
  •   She is a government insider; I am not
  •   I will negotiate great deals; she is not capable of doing so
  •   I create jobs; she doesn’t know how – believe me
  •   More jobs equals less crime
  •   She promotes Obamacare; I reject it
  •   She pushes global warming; it’s propaganda promoting more government
  •   Trump: less regulations; Clinton: more

    11.    Hammer on and clearly make the following items pivot points:

  • When you vote for Trump, you are voting for a Constitutional Rule of Law – Pro Life Supreme Court
  • Email Scandal: Clinton committed perjury then destroyed evidence against a subpoena court order. She could care less about the Rule of Law.
  • “By the way”, both Clintons have committed perjury and are dishonest.
  • Billy did the same thing and got impeached for it. Do we see a pattern?
  • Fact check: Openly challenge the media’s bogus “Fact Checkers” from the last debate.

-Sean Hannity confirmed your statements regarding your position against the war.
-You were indeed correct about your opponent flip-flopping regarding TPP and her false claim the “Gold Standard in Trade”.
-Do not allow the Bogus press to discredit your statements regarding, President Barack Obama, doubling the national debt. Focus directly on the math. It is an undeniable fact.
12.    When they want you to release your tax returns, turn this in to a clarion call to abolish the I.R.S. Even Ronald Reagan was against it. If we shut down the I.R.S., we can end American slavery without regard to race for all Americans forever! You could make the point: “By the way I keep great company: Neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln released their tax returns.”

13.    Clinton tries to assert that maybe you haven’t made money. Directly focus on the fact that she has never ran and/or owned a business in her life. All her millions and Lord knows she has millions, has been taken/stolen from the people’s taxes – no wonder she wants to raise taxes even more.

14.    Regarding illegal immigration, plainly highlight that dishonest, two faced Obama is currently, secretly funding Mexico’s building of a southern wall while publicly mocking the building of your northern wall.

15.    Focus on reducing regulations and lowering taxes – must repatriate the money held hostage overseas.

16.    Focus on the pro-life message highlighting the fact that Trump is 100% pro-life and she is pro-death. Focus on the fact that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization.

17.    Promote God, Family and Country. Protect Life, Liberty and Property.

18.    Highlight your Pro-Second Amendment stance against her anti-gun plan for tyranny.

19.    Discuss the fact that Howard Dean should apologize to you for the ‘coke user’ tweet. You should directly confront Hillary and the media regarding Billy’s many women and allegations of drug use.

20.    Point out that Clinton has accomplished nothing for the American people in the last 25 years and based on facts and history we should never allow her to fail for the next 4 long years.

21.    Consider using the following phrases/slogans:

  • My goal is to get abusive government out of your life
  • The status quo has got to go
  • After all, the issue is honesty
  • Play the Trump card against “Crooked Hillary”. Vote for Trump. What have you got to lose?

    22.    Don’t be so serious, lighten the mood and make others laugh!

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