Clown Media Shows True Colors; Fails in Effort to Label Donald Trump and Syndicated Radio Talk Host Sam Bushman Racists

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Sam Bushman
Host of Liberty RoundTable Live
October 12, 2016

Ever since I, Sam Bushman, a totally blind Nationally Syndicated Radio Broadcaster scored an incredible interview with Donald Trump Jr on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016, the weak media has been making fools of themselves trying to brand both Donald and myself with undefinable terms such as white supremacist and racist.

This is quite interesting since I am totally blind and have no idea what race someone is unless I’m told by others. Of a truth, I can’t even confirm what race I am. Guilt by association is the “Trump” card the Clown Media is playing to promote their evil, race baiting, politically driven agenda. Their goal is simple –  to destroy America and derail the next president of the United States. As a side note, they would love nothing more than to discredit the New Media (Taking Center Stage). Good luck with that one! The yester-year Clown Media is becoming irrelevant and melting down fast! Believe me, Believe Me!

Since our Trump Jr. BLOCK BUSTER interview, I have made it a personal goal to expose the Clown Media and their deceptive “divide and conquer” tactics.

As a Veteran Broadcaster, I went through proper channels and obtained FBI Reviewed, Secret Service- Stamped credentials. After obtaining a blessing from the Secret Service, I along with my co-host Curt Crosby, took to the air waves broadcasting our daily Liberty RoundTable Radio show LIVE from inside RNC 2016 in Cleveland, OH.

We conducted several award winning interviews that without a doubt, shatter the Clown Medias false narrative. We asked countless highly influential people at the RNC a simple question. Is Donald Trump a racist? The answer was a resounding “no”.

A few excerpts from just a few of our Liberty RoundTable interviews will set the record straight once and for all!

Interview with Leon Krauze (LA News Desk Anchor, Univision)
Bushman: “Do you think Donald is a Racist?”
Leon: “No, I think he’s a Nativist, which is not really the same thing.”

Interview with black talk show host, Tracey  Winbush, WERE AM-1490, a Trump Republican Delegate from Ohio – (
Bushman: “What do you think of Obama?”
Tracey: “I think Obama was the worst choice of a President we could have ever had. His policies have set us back decades. We need to get rid of him.”
Bushman: “I am white and you are black”
Tracey: “No, I thought you were black!”
Bushman: “Do you think Donald is a Racist?”
Tracey: “He wasn’t a racist until he became a politician. If you are willing to stand for principle – white, you are a racist, black you are a sellout!”

Interview with Tom Marino – Congressman PA
Bushman: “The mainstream press tries to make us believe it’s nothing but divisionary. Your comments?”
Tom: “Look at the mainstream press, their liberals, they want the government to take care of them, the people that are working for them, and so, certainly they are not going to tell the truth!”
Bushman: “They are saying Donald Trump is a racist. What do you say?”
Tom: “Well, I tell them to look in the dictionary, and look up the meaning of the word racist! Here is what the liberal media does: I was a prosecutor for 18 years. When I was in trial and the defense didn’t have a good case, they didn’t have the facts to argue, they tried to argue the law. When they didn’t have the law on their side, they just made things up and lied about it. That is pretty much how I equate the mainstream media!”

Interview with columnist, Jamie Kirchick (The Daily Beast)
Bushman: “Any thirty second last thoughts Jamie?”
Jamie:  “It’s been a pleasure to be on your show, and I hope to join you at some point in the future”!
Bushman: “Were we fair?”
Jamie: “It was great, you were very fair, I enjoyed it very much.”

Interview with Joe Borelli, City Councilman and Trump Delegate from New York
Bushman: “What do you think of them calling Donald a Racist?”
Joe: ““Look, you know, I think it’s unfair. Anything you can draw from the comments he has made cannot overshadow a life time of dealing with people of minorities, people of color, women, everything!”

Interview with Donald Trump Jr on  Liberty RoundTable Live (Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016)
Donald: “The average American is finally getting it. They see it because I’ll watch a speech for an hour, you will see it, and I am sure you can vouch for me on this one. He will say something in minute number 5, he will say something in minute 15, he will say something in minute 45, and they blend the three things together as though it was one thought. And they say he is such a terrible person, look what he said. It’s so phony … Their party is over.”

The weak, Clown Media has already lost; they just don’t know it yet. Would someone please make the time to send them the memo?

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