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Welcome to the Liberty RoundTable Affiliate Relations Service Page. Here we hope to provide important information and useful tools to our valued affiliates. If we can be of any more assistance, please contact our Affiliate Relations staff. We are at your service.

Liberty RoundTable current syndication using the Barix Reflector Service:

Thanks to the way that the Barix Reflector Service (BRS) is set up, it can be used by organizations large and small to distribute programming and associated contact closures to multiple receivers worldwide… or just around the corner! We can send our program to our affiliates and the BRS takes care of the onward distribution to all our partner radio stations. The BRS, in conjunction with StreamGuys, has the bandwidth available to stream to a huge number of clients.

Each new affiliate just needs a low-cost Barix Exstreamer running the Reflector firmware to receive the Liberty RoundTable program.

If you purchase the Barix Device from LRT we will make sure the correct firmware is installed and ready to go before your Barix device is shipped to your station.

Technical Details:

BRS simplifies radio network distribution over IP, for point-to-multi-point IP connectivity. And is a reliable and cost-efficient audio-over-IP distribution network for syndicated programming services.

All of the LRT local breaks are hard timed.

Simple Agreement:

LRT programming is available at no charge (on a barter basis) to affiliates. We don’t ask for restrictive or complicated affidavits from our affiliates, nor do we try to contract stations into long commitments.

Free Exstreamer Offer to Qualified Stations:

If you don’t have access to our Barix Exstreamer and want to carry the Liberty RoundTable program, we will send you a FREE exstreamer! Some restrictions apply.

Liberty RoundTable offers 24-hour support for feed related problems.

Our engineering staff is on call 24×7 to ensure a trouble free feed.

For Assistance – Please contact us at 801-756–9133 or email here

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