James Edwards


James Edwards is a young and effusive political activist who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. A product of home-schooling, James first became active in politics when he joined Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign team in 2000. While touring the state and nation, the up-and-coming statesman formed a highly intricate political support team of his own from coast to coast.

In April of 2002, at just 22 years of age, Edwards launched his very own campaign and ran for State Representative in Bartlett. Starting out with only a few dozen supporters, no money and no endorsements to his name, James worked around the clock for eight grueling months in order to build his credibility, ultimately receiving a very respectable percentage of votes.

For the past six years James Edwards has served as the primary host of this internationally renowned, award winning radio program. In addition to hosting The Political Cesspool, Edwards speaks at political functions and conventions throughout the year. He has previously served as a contributor for the American Free Press newspaper and his extensive list of media appearances includes repeat interviews on CNN and other comparable broadcasts. As a private pilot he holds membership at Air Venture Flight Club.



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