Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 1/6/2017

Hour 1

Pistol-packing grandma Rebbie Roberson turns tables on armed intruder - CNN * Texas Denies Cars to people in Child Support Arrears - * FBI Doesn’t Fully Believe Official 9/11 Story - * The report was heavily censored for reasons of national security and privacy, and won’t be declassified until December 31, 2037 * Oops! White House Caught Fudgin' The Numbers On New Manufacturing Jobs By 100,000 - * White House press secretary Josh Earnest admitted to Fox News' Kevin Corke Thursday that he "[overshot] the mark" when he claimed Tuesday the Obama administration created 900,000 manufacturing jobs * ADP reports fewer job gains than expected * New owner of craftsman bringing jobs back to u.s * Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Lou Barletta Introduces Bill To Defund Sanctuary Cities - Kerry Picket * Obama Calls Chicago Torture A 'Despicable' Hate Crime * Congress Set To Defund Planned Parenthood In Aggressive Legislative Push - Rachel Stoltzfoos *

Hour 2

Alabama Court: The Unborn Are Human Beings - * Trump Could Use Prison Labor To Build Border Wall - Phillip Stucky * Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson offered to allow President-elect Donald Trump to use prisoners from Massachusetts to build the proposed border wall between the U.S. and Mexico * Trump campaigned heavily on a strong immigration policy that centers around keeping people from entering the country illegally * Yahoo accidentally reports Trump wants a ‘n*gger navy’ — and Black Twitter hilariously pounces - * Dairy Queen franchisee ‘proudly’ admits calling black woman racial slur: ‘Her order was confusing’ - * This Ann Coulter Tweet Sure Looks Like A Shoutout To White Supremacists - She tweeted number 14 with an exclamation point. What does it mean? *