Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 2/13/2017

Hour 1

Guest: Lowell Nelson - * Second Amendment: The Ultimate Civil Right * February is Black History Month, so it's a good time to review the role of the Second Amendment in the Civil Rights movement * Guns helped to secure the freedom and civil rights of black Americans * The Folly of an Article V Convention (Utah's HJR 3) * States must FORCE the general government to follow the US Constitution. This they do by nullification. Any executive order, congressional statute, judicial opinion, and bureaucratic regulation that lies outside the bounds of the US Constitution should be ignored and/or repudiated (declared null and void). * Instead of allowing the federal government to tax their citizens directly, the states should interpose and indemnify their citizens who refuse to comply with the coercive confiscation of property. States should legalize the use of gold and silver coin, accept nothing but silver and gold coin in payment of debt, and let honest money drive out fiat money. If the federal government cannot tax the citizenry, and what they print is not accepted, then they will not have the money sufficient to support their current welfare and warfare states. Truly, it would be restrained to only that money the states remit to them on "good behavior." * The Shortcomings of Plurality Voting (Utah's SB 114) * We must kill SB 114, and solve the "plurality problem" with ranked choice voting, which allows voters to rank all of the candidates (regardless of the number) in order of their preference. Those ballots are then counted--one pile for each candidate in the race. The ballots in the shortest stack (for the least popular candidate) are then inspected for a secondary preference and allocated among the remaining piles. This process is repeated until only one of the candidates receives a majority of the votes cast. Thus, you have a majority winner. And everyone's votes count (some votes are "wasted" in a plurality "first past the post" election). * Utah Republican Party drops its Federal Lawsuit Appeal *

Hour 2

Door Opens Wider for Trump to Reshape Fed Policy - Binyamin Appelbaum * Foreign Policy Quickly Sheds Its Sharp Edge - Mark Landler * Singer Joyce Villa wore a "Make America Great Again" gown. Scandalous dresses on the Grammys * Musicians ask Trump for money help after Grammys bashing - Joel Gehrke * FBI’s Fake News Operation at Bunkerville May Complicate Trial - * America must open its arms to Syrian refugees - Ellen Ratner * Trump's secretary of health and human services, Tom Price, took office on Friday with a promise to fix what he called a 'broken health care system' that was 'harming Americans and their families * The U.S. military's stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported * Report: 72 people from Trump’s list of Muslim countries have been convicted of terrorism since 9/11 * Recruits, Uncle Sam wants you - Tom Vanden USA Today * Polls Show Americans More Inclined to find Trump “Truthful” than the Media * NOAA Operatives Manipulated Climate Data and Got Caught *