Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 2/16/2017

Hour 1

Guest: Kevin Blake - FL Director of the CSPOA * Obamacare in trouble as IRS will no longer reject tax returns not answering healthcare questions - * Digital medicine fraught with risk, doctors say - USA Today * Trump promises 'massive' tax code reform * Senate Republicans lining up against border tax * Taxpayers paying $39 billion a year for … nothing *

Hour 2

James Edwards - * PRESS RELEASE: CSPAN to air KrisAnne Hall Constitution Class * Kellyanne Conway is under attack * FBI Removed SPLC, ADL From Resources Pages Over 'Number Of Concerns - Jonah Bennett * Neo-Nazis Blame "The Jews" For Michael Flynn's Resignation * Erick Erickson Defends Trump Calling Only On Right-Wing Media Because Mainstream Media Is "Pushing A Nazi Narrative" - Media Matters * U.S. intelligence officials are withholding information from Donald Trump over concerns that the president cannot be trusted with sensitive intelligence material, the Wall Street Journal reports *