Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 3/14/2017

Hour 1

* Vladimir Putin Wants Americans to Know Clinton Campaign Advisers Met with the Russians * Home Depot Co-Founder Ken Langone Turns Off the Filter: Trump Could Go Down as One of the 'Greatest Presidents Ever - IJR * Obama's WH spent $77M on advertising and marketing Obamacare during the last few months of his administration, - New York Post * Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King: 'We Need To Keep Our Birth Rates Up' Or Western Civilization Will Be Transformed - Alex Pfeiffer * King: "we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies. * Did You Know? Jesuit college now known as Georgetown University Owned and Sold Slaves

Hour 2

* Guest: Alan Philips - - * Trump Sets Off Media Firestorm With Proposed Vaccine Safety Review Panel * Childhood Vaccine Schedule: Where is the Science? * Science Teacher May Be Disciplined for Urging Students Be Informed of Vaccination Risks * Are Doctors Being Trained to Manipulate Patients About Vaccines? * Oral Polio Vaccine Was Contaminated with Monkey Viruses * Safety of Mercury in Vaccines: Sorry Dr. Summers, No Cigar * Defining Vaccine Refusal As Child Neglect * Getting A Flu Shot No Guarantee It Will Work * Guest: Sheriff David A. Clarke jr - Trump As President * Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America