Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 3/15/2017

Hour 1

* “You May Want to Marry My Husband” * Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Children’s Author and Filmmaker, Dies at 51 - Sam Roberts * Tucker Carlson will interview Donald Trump on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" this Wednesday * Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown Over Border Wall - Kerry Picket * Any attempt to not fund Planned Parenthood or fund a border wall would result in a shutdown of the government. * Curt Watches: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty * Tucker Carlson grills Planned Parenthood executive on abortion: ‘Is it a separate human being?’ - Kate Scanlon

Hour 2

* James Edwards - * Snoop Dogg video came out showing him assassinating a clown dressed up like President Donald Trump * President Trump To Honor Andrew Jackson * Students Denounced As Racist For Wearing US Flag Colors - Rob Shimshock * Only Whites Can Be Racist, Insists UC Davis University - * How Do You Spell Woman? - womyn - womxn * McConnell says debt ceiling will rise, but timing unclear - Erin Kelly * Alex Jones Challenges Alec Baldwin To "Bare Knuckle" Fight For Charity So He Can "Break" His Neck * Jones: You Want To Sit There And Defame Me And The President? Get In The Ring With Me, I Will Break Your Jaw In Seconds * Obama Spent $36 Million Last Year To Fight FOIA Lawsuits Posted - Thomas Phippen * White House Publishes Donald Trump's 2005 Tax Numbers Before Rachel Maddow Can Posted - Kaitlan Collins