Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 3/16/2017

Hour 1

* Talk-radio superstar Michael Savage bloodied, shaken publicly assaulted * Is There a Link Between Alex and Michael's Stories Happening in the Same Week? * Trump releases $1.1T 'hard power budget' * Trump budget proposes entirely eliminating National Endowment for the Arts - Brooke Seipel * It Appears Trump Just Masterfully Played Rachel Maddow on Her 'Dramatic' Tax Return Report - IJR * Joe Biden Comes to the Defense of President Trump, Says He 'Deserves a Chance to Govern' * Trump Using Detroit as Stage for Loosening Obama's Fuel Economy Rules - Coral Davenport

Hour 2

* McDonald's Employee Jumps Out Drive-Thru Window To Save Police Officer - Amber Randall * Lawsuit: Defective robot killed woman * Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did * Target abruptly shuts expansion projects amid boycott - AFA * Ignores Fact Checking on Target Boycott Success * McDonald's tweets to Trump: 'You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President' - Paulina Firozi * Restaurants Introduce 'Labor Surcharge' To Patrons In Lieu Of Minimum Wage Increases - Ted Goodman * Headphone batteries explode on flight to Australia - Martin PARRY