Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 3/17/2017

Hour 1

* St. Patrick's Day 2017 * McDonald's Quickly Erases Anti-Trump Tweet - said one of its Twitter feeds was compromised on Thursday * Top Leaders Got Big Pay as Crisis Hit Wells Fargo - STACY COWLEY * The Fed Raised Interest Rates - More Expected? * FreedomWorks Activists Go Door to Door in the House and Senate - Jon Meadows * New Jersey Port Authority Chair David Samson Given Light Punishment for Shakedown - * Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her * Trump’s favorite ‘Irish proverb’ is actually Nigerian - * IRS Targets Cancer Survivor for Donations that Saved Her Life * Is Being “Triggered” Unhealthier than Obesity?

Hour 2

* Guest: Richard Mack - - * Radio and Television; Public Broadcasters Fear a 'Collapse' - Michael Grynbaum * After School Satan Club Received Fast-Tracked Tax-Exempt Status from IRS - Documents obtained by Judicial Watch * LATEST FAKE NEWS: HANNITY 'PULLED GUN ON JUAN WILLIAMS' - * Your March 2017 CSPOA newsletter is here! * The Freedom Coalition announces “National Timeout Day” to free political prisoners in the US - * “The People of America are hereby calling for a National Timeout Day for April 1, 2017 (No Fooling!)