Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 3/20/2017

Hour 1

* Guest: Lowell Nelson - * We the people Need to watch what the legislatures do each year * Keep an eye on what your own representative and senator does, or how they vote * If their voting pattern serves to subvert your liberty or take more of your property, then you must work to replace them * This year, the Utah Legislature passed 535 bills during their 45-day legislative session * Legislators voted to raise the gas tax yet again and voted to raise the transit room tax * They increased cost of a marriage license! * These bills combined will raise taxes by over $20 Million in 2019! * Thank Heavens, Efforts to enforce an internet sales tax failed * A concealed carry bill for individuals as young as 18 passed * Fortunately, both "con-con" resolutions failed

Hour 2

* Rock and Roll Legend Chuck Berry Is Dead at 90 - RIP * The dishonest media is pushing two narratives - Donald is lying about Obama wiretapping - the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia during the election * Did Barack Obama illegally spy on Donald Trump? * Appearing on Fox and Friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed three intelligence sources informed him that Obama used the British spy agency GCHQ to intercept communications involving Trump campaign advisors * TRUMP SAYS DEMS MADE UP ALLEGATIONS OF RUSSIA INTERFERENCE * Intel Committee Chair: 'No Evidence' Of Collusion Between Trump Campaign And Russians - Alex Pfeiffer * NSA DOCUMENTS PROVE SURVEILLANCE OF DONALD TRUMP and HIS FAMILY - Bombshell discovery shows targets of NSA's "Project Dragnet" - Jerome Corsi * No Surprise Michael Savage Was Assaulted For Supporting Trump - * Rape Survivor Explains Why She Supports The Second Amendment * The State-by-State Assault on Electric Cars - HIROKO TABUCHI