Liberty RoundTable Podcast, 1/8/2013

Hour 1

Guest: Dan Johnson! Founder, PANDA! Operation Homeland Liberty! 50 States. 365 days. We will stop the NDAA and restore the Constitution in all 50 States! Children of “Indefinitely Detained” Japanese-Americans File Amicus Brief in NDAA Lawsuit! FBI Spying on OWS! Ron Paul Fires Final Shot Against NDAA! White House wins fight to keep drone killings of Americans secret! Congressman Huelskamp Rejects the 2013 NDAA! As Calif. gun sales go up, number of gun-casualties goes down! Stand with justine emash! Obama Taps Chuck Hagel to Lead Defense Dept., John Brennan to CIA!

Hour 2

William Hilton Paul, Age 19 Sen. Rand Paul's Son Arrested at North Carolina Airport! Planned Parenthood reports record year for abortions! What a plank! Bizarre start to men's fashion week in London! Got milk? Breast pump industry booming thanks to Obamacare as new moms take advantage of new laws! The 5000 Year Leap! The book Reagan wanted taught in high schools’! Obama’s Hawaii Vacation by the Numbers! President Obama Signs Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill! Ron Paul's Liberty Movement Spreads in Congress! Congressman Paul Collins Broun, Jr. born May 14, 1946! "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Debuts in New Time Slot Tuesday Night! Justin Bieber Meets Young Fan Battling Leukemia!

Hour 3

Guest: Alan Philips. ALEX JONES VS. PIERS MORGAN! Alex: '1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN IF YOU TRY TO TAKE OUR FIREARMS'! 'You're a hatchet man of the New World Order'! JONES: I Made CNN Producer Cry! Alex Jones is way over the top and way out of line on this one! Jones is right on the facts but, way wrong on the delivery! Eight Hospital Employees Fired For Refusing Flu Vaccines! Study: Flu vaccines not as effective as they should be! Minimum of 40 Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vaccine! Vaccine might help Hastings reduce deer population humanely! Documents Show Merck Paid the WEB MD Popular Website $3.5 Million Dollars for Promoting Vaccines! FDA Approves Tamiflu for Newborns Despite no Safety Evidence!